I am Madivin, the color-guessing bot

In your mind, pick one of these colors:
If you click the color, I’ll help you remember it.

white green olive cyan indigo orange teal brown blue black red yellow magenta purple

I will ask you yes/no questions and attempt to guess your color. This normally takes less than one minute, but take as much time as you like.

I am in a learning phase, so I’m probably not going to be able to correctly guess your color, but I get better with every game you play!

When you have picked a color:


Colors at the top row are colors that I guessed correctly.
Colors at the bottom are my incorrect guesses.
The darker gray dots are a running average of the last 13 games.
The lighter gray dots are a running average of all scores up to that point.
If I am learning, the gray dots should trend upwards.
The X axis is the number of games that I have played.

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