This blog is about many things. It isn’t coherent. It’s whatever I am thinking about. I think about web development, escape rooms, electronics, politics, DIY, community, linguistics, puzzles, psychology, and systems, to name a few. Below are some popular or recent posts and puzzles. There is a tag cloud if you want to zero-in on certain subjects.

Recent/Popular Blog Posts

I am pitting several email services against each other. Twilio/sendgrid, Mailgun, and smtp2go are the current fighters, while SparkPost knocked themselves out!

Updated several months ago.

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This blog post is not for pleasure reading. I’m using it to prove and repeatedly test components I’m developing for this site.

Updated a year ago.

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Who is Alex?

Alex is a tinkerer, a puzzler, an entrepreneur, and is widely known as one of America’s web developers.


The Rest

Published a couple years ago.

Published a couple years ago.