Bink 2 (temporary)

Difficulty: Low

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This is a work in progress.

Try to get all blue squares to go away.

Each empty square you click has a chance to survive, reproduce, or cause starvation.
If it has no neighbors, it dies of loneliness.
If it has one or two neighbors, it will reproduce with them, but only if there is room opposite its mates.
If it has three neighbors, those three will starve.
If it has four neighbors, all of them will starve, including the new square.

The outside squares are permanent.

Clicking an existing square has no effect.

Unfortunately, if you solve this right now, you have to be logged in to register the win. …and logging in will reset the board and you will need to solve it twice. So if this looks fun, please log in first (below the puzzle).

There are no hints planned for this puzzle at this time.