Chinooks Stood Still

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As a species, we seek beauty. In our pursuit of happiness, we have all pursued a Mr. Right, Ms. Right, or even a Mr. Goodbar. When we are looking for someone we have never met, we tend to idealize that person in our minds. The search becomes an incredible journey. The chase ends when you have caught that person, and you finally see them for what they are. Had you not been looking for them, you would have passed them by, but now that you have finally run them down they become your personal definition of beauty, and you cannot see anything else.

Start your journey with the words below.

soon men see a cake in the garden copse danger addiction hunger 안녕 oral hiccup hydra gun flyers sign in our stain is now under teacher part doubt
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You will need the internet to figure this out, but searching for the words presented here will get you nothing.
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Don’t try to make sense of the words.
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안녕 is Korean for hello and goodbye. A quick internet search will tell you that. But it is not in this puzzle for its meaning.
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Have you heard of Democritus?
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These words need to be broken up into sounds, and rejoined without changing their order.
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Who is your daddy and what does he do?