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A cargo race was held between different types of vehicles. In a cargo race, each vehicle gets one driver who must move an amount of cargo from point A to point B. The drivers must load and unload a huge pile of cardboard boxes by themselves. They can make as many trips from A to B as they need. The winner is the first driver to unload their last piece of cargo at point B. No tools, duct tape, straps or refueling is allowed.

7 vehicles competed. 5 of them had two axles, the other two were large vehicles.

Dick’s vehicle had more than two axles. Gramps finished ahead of Cornelia. According to some, the winner cheated by crushing the empty cardboard boxes and making a single trip. The VW bug finished in the last half of the group. Axel must have been a fan of M*A*S*H, judging by the name and type of his vehicle. Vehicles named Painless, Speedy, and Uh… Clem finished in places with even numbers. The second place finisher had no white on their vehicle. Moe named his vehicle after himself. There was a mini cooper in the race, it was a metallic color. Speedy was not the name of a large vehicle.

The van was black with a lot of red trim. The red vehicle is literally named "Uh… Clem." The red and black vehicle finished just ahead of Gramps. The vehicle in fifth place was painted in a single, primary color. The vehicle in last place was white while the vehicle in first place was white with another color. The mini cooper had no red paint. The VW Bug was a primary color. Moe finished ahead of Gramps, but behind Axel. No one understands the name of the VW bug. Gramps finished in the middle of all the places. Jane was the name of the vehicle that was white.

A car named Speedy finished just before the yellow vehicle. Gramps, like Moe, did not come up with a clever name for his car. The vehicle driven by Axel finished just behind Greasy Lightning. The VW Beetle was a classic car that had trouble starting, but it finished ahead of the car that was built for racing. The car named Painless was all black. Cornelia finished behind Speedy. Mark drove a garbage truck that was filthy and smelled awful. Cornelia would never drive a car with red paint. Axel finished second. Mark’s vehicle was green and white.

The Formula 1 car completed several trips, but could only carry one box at a time. So it finished second-to-last. One vehicle still hadn’t left the starting line when all the other cars had finished because the driver did not forsee the difficulty of loading the boxes from the ground to the trailer. The race was called over because no one wanted to wait for that.

Now, click on the shape that is included in the vehicle that came in first place, the vehicle that is driven by Gearhead, the vehicle that has the most axles, and one other vehicle.

Then click on the shape that is included in only the vehicle named Lil’ Sumpin’ Sumpin, the black vehicle, and the vehicle that was driven by Moe - and no other vehicle shapes.

Finally, click in the shape that is included in Gramps’ car, adjacent to painless, and outside Uh… Clem.

When you have three selected, the green Check Engine Light will illuminate. If you are happy with your choices, click it to check your answer.

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This is a variation on a Zebra puzzle. The assumption one needs to make is that there are a certain number of cars, and each has one driver, one color, and one name, and that each has a distinct spot in the rankings (there were no ties).
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It may help to draw a grid to organize what you know and what you don’t know.
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Additional piece of info: The garbage truck is named Greasy Lightning, which is a reference to the musical Grease, where cars are fast, but this vehicle, well… it’s greased, for sure.